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It's fine. I'm fine.

Saw this fella on my walk the other night. Listen, Universe, I don't need another reason NOT to exercise. So sending the Green Goblin/Evil Garden Warlock/Beelzebub is unnecessary. If you don't see it, get your eyes checked. That thing is THERE!

Did I stare that thing down the entire way home? Yes.

Did I have heart palpitations the closer I got? Also yes.

Did I congratulate myself on not running past it when I get close? Most definitely.

Did I sigh in relief that it did not come alive and eat me like some horror movie? Maybe.

I talked myself past it. It's ok. It's fine. I'm fine. And I even walked again the next day. Effer was still there but so far my survival rate is 100%. Did I cross the street this time for my own safety? I'll never tell.



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