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Start. Shuffle if you can't step.

It's hard to pinpoint an anniversary. If you've read this blog before, you know I have many. It can't really be a calendar year because the events weren't January to January. But they were May to December. From the time I first found out to when he moved out. So in that way, a calendar year works.

2017 was the year it all went to Hell. In a spectacular fashion. Which is kinda how I do things.

2018 was the year I started to breathe. I wanted it to be the year I thrived. I even thought it was. Until I took stock. Then I realized it was the year I kept my KBs safe and happy and healthy and I learned to breathe. I am so fortunate I had that time. I am so fortunate I was gentle with myself during that time. In my year of breathing? I learned that my heart is bigger than I ever knew. My friends and family knew that. I was late the party. And my tendency to be optimistic and ability to find a lesson? Never ending and, actually, pretty annoying. Even to me. Those parts that are fundamental you are insanely strong and resilient.

2019? This is the year. The year of Kindness...Because. To me, my KBs, my friends and family, the wasband even. I am not one that holds anger in my heart. I can also be really lazy and my word, resentment and anger are so exhausting. So this is the year of kindness. Let it begin with me. (And you.)

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