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My fish couldn't swim.

You lot, it has happened. I have made my little school of fish swimmers. Ok. Fine. Technically, the swim teacher did that. And, also, technically they cannot swim. But they no longer drown. Which is a necessary distinction and a huge improvement. Nothing more concerning than a child telling you they can swim while wearing a life jacket that they refuse to take off.

My ex did know how to swim but I could count on one hand the number of times I saw him in a suit in over 15 years. The majority of those times happened when B came along and I could not support two kids at once. Especially when my kids did not quite understand an extremely important distinction. Mainly that NOT drowning with a life vest on does not mean that you can actually swim. Their dad considered swimming only a life-saving technique. I would have been satisfied if I got my kids to at least that. But I have been rewarded. I have some beginner swimmers who will spend all day in a pool - jumping in, faces under, practicing strokes, doing the Big X. B floats with his hands like shark fins and P mimics their "torpedo" with her little hands clasped above her head. My fingers are wrinkled. My heart sings.

In addition to the slathering of sunscreen and hats for P, I have found cloth diaper wet bags to be a saving grace for our pool time. When I first started using cloth with T, they were hard to find. But now they are on Amazon and cheap (but not cheap crap). Holla! These Alvababy are my current favorites. I love that they have two zippered pockets. I put hats and sunscreen in the exterior one and suits in the other.

But, wait, there's more. Once the suits go on, all dry clothes go into the large pocket. Why, you ask? Because it is astonishing how underwear and socks can get lost between taking them off and putting the hell do I know where? They are lost. So all dry things go in the bag.

They are easily found and they stay dry. Suits come off. Dry clothes go on. Suits go back in the wet bag. Each kid has their own bag. Because this is not my first rodeo. Once home, all things hang on the line to dry. Even the bags. Inside out. I am not gonna lie, I feel like the most amazing, brainiac, wonder woman super mom on the planet. I screw a lot of things up but I kinda feel like I am nailing swim time. Also, I really like pretty bags so this is a way to feed my bag addiction while being efficient and organized. Also works this way - this is a way I feed my efficiency and organization addiction while using cute bags.

So, that's my helpful Thursday tip for you. Invest in wet diaper bags and use them for swim bags. Then when you kid loses their underwear, oh wait, they won't because they'll be dry and in the pool bag. Mic drop. Let's get that momma a drink. 


That Amazon ad leads you to an affiliate link. Meaning if you click that link, put ANYTHING in your cart and check out, I get a little clink in our piggy bank. It's a win for both of us. You need that thing from Amazon and the House of KB gets to do a little happy dance because of it. 

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