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And angels sing.

Here it is. The inevitable post about moms and babies and sleep. Let's just dive right in to the part where I am a jerk. My boys were great sleepers. Always. I knew they were great sleepers. 14 hours nightly. I knew it had nothing to do with me. I knew that I was lucky. I would say as much. So I am not sure what I did to deserve a child who loves to scream between 2am-3am most nights. And I mean scream. Not cry and settle. Then ramp up and cry and settle. Just scream. Like she is pissed off. Listen, Sweet P, I get it. I, too, am pissy and sad when I should be sleeping but am not. So let's try and find a solution, mmmmmkay? Because we are 16 months in and I am slowly dying.

It is amazing how much research can be done in the middle of the night while holding a tiny bomb. I mean, sleeping angel. There were parameters. I wanted a sound machine with reasonable audio. We are past that heartbeat crap and I don't need The Telltale Heart tick-tocking in my subconscious while I sleep. I wanted a soft light. I wanted an easy on and off switch. I wanted it not to be ugly. I wanted it to be able to grow with her. And I found this thing. The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light. It had all the things I wanted, great reviews and you could manage it FROM YOUR PHONE. These are shouts of excitement. And relief. And hope. With prime shipping this thing of beauty was in Parley's room a day later and when she cried during nap? I ever so gently raised the volume of the soothing ocean waves and off she drifted again. Clearly a fluke. This kid is smart. She lulls you into a false sense of security. But I am exhausted and desperate. So in she went at night with her soft light and wind. And she slept. Through. As in, did not wake and scream her head off for an hour.

Do you hear that? Angels singing? Me weeping in relief? The less shrill tones of a momma who is...getting sleep? Holla!! We've been at about 90% all night sleeping since this gift from the Heavens went into her room. She uses it during both naps and at night. I programmed the naps based on her schedule!! Yep. The program clicks on before I even bring her up there. Pavlov was onto something and I truly believe the consistency of the mood in her room as she enters primes her for sleep. A couple of months in and it is worth every penny. I am so in love it might become one of my standard baby shower gifts.

Because I love sleep and hate packing light, we brought it on vacation with us. We connected to the wi-fi and boom. There Hush was. Off she went into a new room but with the same light and sound. And she slept. You lot, I am not sure I can adequately express to you the weeping joy and relief I experienced. Maybe this coincides with her sleeping through on her own. Maybe I am teaching her bad sleep habits. I don't really care. I know many an adult who sleeps with a fan and if that's a result of their momma needing sleep when they were young? Whir it up. I just know it is the best friggin' $59.99 I have spent in a long time. Ok, fine, I bought the $79.99 with the interchangeable skins. Don't do that. They're not worth $20 if you're on a budget. But the item itself? If I could Oprah this thing to every new mom I know, I would do it. Or moms of older kids. Or kids. Or adults. See where I am going with this? You can use it to soothe your tired kass to sleep or let your older ones know when they can get out of bed. Honestly, I wish I would have done this at 6 months. I wanted to save some money. But you can't put a price on sanity. Or sleep. Lesson learned.


If you click that link and shop at Amazon, I will get a little boost in the House of KB bank account. Which will pale in comparison to the boost you will get from the extra sleep, amIright? Now THAT is a gift. I give you...sleep. With love. Always. ;)

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