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We're gonna be ok.

This is pretty much how I find Bogen every night. Peeking out cheekily from my bed. Even when I send him back to his, we all know I am going to wake up with him next to me. I don't mind it and I have mentioned to Tristan that I sometimes allow it to give Tristan the space and time he needs. Especially at bed. He needs an early bedtime. Bogen stays up later and plays until he literally passes out mid-move. So it kind of works for all of us.

The past two weeks, Tristan has been letting Bogen sleep with him on and off. His reasoning? He told me that because I let Bogen sleep with me sometimes to help him, he is letting Bogen sleep with him to give me a break. It was so very sweet. He is a good and kind person. He is an excellent big brother.

I don't want this to become a habit. Not necessarily them bunking together. That is fine. But Tristan taking on things to make my life easier or to ease me. That is not his role. It was helpful that I could thank him for helping me and also praise him for being a kind, compassionate and empathetic big brother. As I closed the door on them the night he told me, I knew, KNOW, we're gonna be ok. We really are. And that night I slept well. In my new bed. Alone. I didn't hate it.


Is this too much to share? Sleeping habits? Who knows.

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