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Parley is as smart as her brothers. I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I AM saying that I am going to be quickly outsmarted by three kids. The odds aren't in my favor now. I refuse to think of the odds once they can all communicate with one another.

Parley is quick and clever and has a memory like an elephant. She is also beautiful. And I am not even saying that as her mother. At this point, I have an inflated sense of ego due to all the strangers stopping and going all googly-eyed for her. As of now, she has been using her powers for good and not evil. Mainly for food and fetching. (Note: she knows she's beautiful. It's amazing how quickly they pick up on that. She bats those eyelashes and gets errrrything she wants.)

Her favorite? She says "Uh-oh", makes sure you're watching, and then hucks the item she is holding on to the floor. No matter how many times I tell her you drop the thing and THEN say "uh-oh", she continues to do it her way. It's adorable and I am just as guilty of reinforcing it as anyone. Plus, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And as far as Sweet P is concerned, this game is the opposite of broke. It is perfection.

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