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Aww, why don't you snow me!

It was almost 70* last week. 70. We were in t-shirts. At the park. The little one had bare toes and we were all soaking up the sun. I wasn't saying goodbye to Winter. I knew better. I have lived in New England my whole life. But I was hopeful.

Then comes in Elsa. We are looking at between 8-18in of snow. As a lover of quiet and new beginnings and fresh starts? I am happy. As a skier? I am ecstatic. As a work-from-home mom who is freshly parenting solo? I am looking down the barrel of, at least, two days home from school with all 3 kiddos. All. Three. Kids. Stuck at home. Alone.

All the moms at pick up today were looking at each other in solidarity. Sad eyes and weary smiles as we contemplated our fate. So let's hope it misses us. And that we have a glorious spring that quickly moves into summer. So we can bitch about how hot it is. We are who we are.


Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. Think that what I am saying is worth sharing? Please do. It'll help a girl out!

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