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New logo. Who dis?

When I was separated in 2017 a dear friend of mine, Megan Rose of Silhouette Blue, reimagined the House of KB logo. She is the one who created it for us in the first place. While our house was changing, I knew we would always be the House of KB. There would always be Kass and Bass. There would always be overlap. There would always be a home. But something was missing. The diagram had a house. I wanted a home.

Megan and I batted around a few ideas. I knew I wanted all 3 kids represented. I was kinda stuck on the chimney idea. We tried stars from my Nietzsche quote. Meh. Didn't love it. So we tried hearts. It was an immediate win. The House of KB was, is and will always be love. Love is who we are and what we do. Love is my superpower. I am starting to see the apples aren't falling far from the tree.

I held on to this image for a while. No social media. No change in our family stationary. Just a starred email in my inbox. It stayed there for reasons I don't even know. But it's time. Our home. The House of KB. Three hearts and love, love, love. And always Kindness...Because.

Welcome home.


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