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I started small. With our front door. When we first moved, I so badly wanted to paint it purple. I was veto-ed. We painted it black to match the shutters and I spray painted the flower urn-thingys black to match.

The wasband came home to a purple bathroom and the back of the front door painted purple. Precision of language is SO key with me. ;)

I didn't mind the dark door. It was classic and solid and worked. But oh how I wanted color. Do you know that Target sells tiny pots of paint for $9.99? Well, they do and you are welcome. If you are curious, it is just enough paint to turn a front door from classic black to cheery . It took two days and changed our entire entryway. I love an open door when the ac isn't running. Two days and it changed the entire look of our home from the outside. Even our neighbor noticed. Two days and every time I drive up or unlock the door, I smile.

It's a cheery door. Colorful. Uplifting. Happy. Fitting. A happy, cheery, fun family who doesn't take themselves too seriously lives here. Maybe you didn't know a door could say that. It can.

Now it's contact paper on our fridge. Leaves on our walls. A colorful carpet and ombre stair treads. There are rainbows in every room. From both decorative touches and the prisms hung in every window. Gone are the dark cabinets and oversized furniture. In are classic white pieces and furniture with the delicate lines of the mid century modern era. Strong, classic and tasteful. Plants abound and framed artwork (purchased and kid-created) line the walls. Our photo gallery represents memories of the free and easy and love-filled family this home now holds.

Tiny steps toward rebuilding. Kintsugi gold that fills the cracks of years of trauma, struggle and uncertainty. Bet you didn't know a jar of paint could start an avalanche of healing. It can. And now you do.


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