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Struggle Bus...beep beep.

Marriage is hard, you lot.

Parenting is hard, too.

So, you know, I have been on the struggle bus. With so many moving parts, it's hard not to feel like I am on one of those medieval torture devices. I was going to say stretch machine but, really, nope. That's not what it was. Pulling in so many directions. Trying to do so much and feeling like I am not doing any of it well. Then I look at my to-do list and realize that I am not even on it. And if there is one thing I learned during the separation, it is that the family doesn't work if the momma isn't well -rested, -cared for, -slept, etc. Somehow I dropped off the list again. So that has got to change.

Thus far I have, in the past week (small victories, you lot):

1. Had water immediately upon waking.

2. Did my woo-woo face routine while making my coffee. It helps that it is right next to my coffee.

3. Had a healthy breakfast. It wasn't you pop-tarts, it was me.

4. Gotten in a 25 minute walk.

5. Done a Righteous Roots oils scalp massage before bed.

6. Slathered on some Twilight oil blend once in bed.

Huh, it didn't seem like a lot of changes. I am wary of too much healthy change at once. Not sustainable. But looking at this list? I have kinda kicked ass.

The most important thing though has been rereading this part of an email. Want to know about marriage? How to thrive and survive? Go to the generation ahead of you. My contemporaries and I are working in theories and assumptions. These women? They have lived it. And are happy to share. I have been reading this response to an email I sent.

"And my dear Vanessa while you are handling so much right now remember that one day you will look back and you will be so proud of yourself for having the courage to stand up and keep your family together. Stay on the bus my dear, the scenery will change."

Staying on the bus. The scenery will change. <3

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