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Love. In many forms.

Listen, you lot, I have been on the narwhal train for many years. I have a thing for unusual animals. The platypus is and always has been my favorite. Maybe I like the underdog. The misunderstood. Wouldn't be my first unusual love/relationship. Anyway, I have loved narwhals a long time. I want you to know this is not a bandwagon love.

I'm not the only one in this club and we are not complaining. I am thrilled at their recent popularity. I can shop narwhal items to my hearts delight. And gift them just as happily. As can others now. For instance, when your sister from another mister gifts you this cup for your birthday. It has a narwhal on it. It says "You are magic". It is a perfect little wine cup. It is love in a physical form. There is nothing greater than finding the PERFECT gift for someone. Except maybe the joy received when you get to watch them open it. And there was joy. And gratitude. For good friends who know you.

And, in this case, the mainstream popularity of this wonderful animal. Even as you whisper, I loved it first.

Narwhal cup - Anthropologie

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