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Lesson Learned. The Second Time.

This happened to me recently. I took a leap and told someone I loved about a dream of mine. Not so much a dream. But a certainty. A path. A new way to forge forward in life. Using all I have learned and knowing the best is yet to come. I took a risk. I bared my soul and told my truth. It did not go well. I felt attacked and belittle and wholly unheard. But that is the point of risk and dreaming, no? The reaction of those you love let you know how much you want it. How much you are willing to work for it. How worth the risk is.

It was an incredible experience. One I am thankful for because it solidified what I know in my heart to be true. About where I am headed. It gave me a glimpse of the care and love that this person feels for me. Knowing their reaction came from their own life experience and their desire to protect me and mine. And it let me know that they don't see me or understand me. Not really. And that is ok. Well, now anyway.

Because let me be clear. It was not all roses and silver linings and gratitude in the moment. Or most of the moments that followed. Whodelally it stung. A lot! There were tears and anger and denial and disbelief and a whole bunch of swears. The good ones. The colorful ones. On my part anyway. And because I am me, I didn't allow the lesson to sink in that first time. So I got bitch-slapped with it again by the same person a couple of weeks later. Sunk in that second time, thankyouverymuch. Less pain. More gratitude. Quicker recovery. More resolution. I can't??? Bullshirt (love The Good Place). Watch me.

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