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Just us girls.

I have been really fortunate to have solo time with each kid when they were little. I was home with Tristan for 14 months and Bogen for 6. Parley is a little different what with her being the last and her stay in the NICU. While she and I did get alone time it was only for a couple of hours while Bogen was at school and it was her nap time. It was technically just us girls but we weren't really spending any time together. Until now.

Both boys are in school full time. Which has halved the number of drop-offs and pick-ups we do. Let's just take a moment and appreciate that gloriousness, can we? To sweeten the deal, this has more than doubled Parley and Momma time. In hours anyway. She is still napping. More that not. Side note: this is really the first time I have been able learn Parley's schedule and how/when she wants to nap. Prior to this her naps were a)quick, go to sleep and b)baby girl, wake up, it's time to get brother.

So it's just us girls and it is nice. To be honest, the fact that she is a girl doesn't really change the alone time. Unless you count the significantly higher number of racks of clothing at Target. But the day-to-day stuff is the same. Snuggling on the couch, reading books, playing with toys and learning new things. It's lovely. Just the two of us. I am trying to slow down and breathe it all in.

I have learned, two kids later, that the old adage of long days and short years are true. I am trying to breathe in the moments I have of her and with her. To let her have all of me because she so rarely does. To let me have all of her before the whirlwinds of brothers and homework and dinner and tubs and bed. So we run to Starbucks just the two of us and enjoy a sweet treat without me having my eyes on two other little humans. We snuggle on the couch comfortably as opposed to feeling like a hugger mugger. And, maybe, sometimes I hold her a little longer before naps without feeling guilty that the boys are downstairs waiting for me for...something.

We are lucky as a family that we get this. The momma being home. It's logistically easier in lots of ways - snow days, sick days, doctors appointments, conferences, scheduling, playdates, etc. - all have a built in doer. There isn't the need to find coverage or scramble for help. I sometimes miss the social aspects of working outside the home. But when it's just Sweet P and I walking home from dropping off the brothers at school, I know enough to revel in it. Be thankful for it. Appreciate it. Sooner than I know, I will be walking home alone. But then I am sure that there will be days that I know enough to revel in that. Be thankful for it. Appreciate it. Maybe I will go back to a traditional job then. Maybe not. But I don't regret the time I have had with each little. When I, *I*, put my career on hold, I brought all my education and experience home with me without having to leave my heart at the door.

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