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What I for Sure Don't Know.

Let's be clear, this list could be miles long. I am sure there is some commentary pertinent about why this list would be longer than the inverse list. I don't have the energy to delve into that. For myself or for all the societal teachings that create this dilemma. So, let's just get to my list. I am not alone. I am sure. If some of these resonate? High five. Know that when you feel super dumb you are not alone either!

1. I do not know how to dress my kids for the weather. The oldest is 8. I still haven't mastered it. I try my best.

2. I KNOW (now) that North is not always in front of me. That does not mean I am a human compass and know where North is. The direction. Not West. North West. The human. Whatever.

3. I am pretty sure I don't have a prostate. The wasband was used to this question. It's not something I save space in my brain for.

4. It is rare that I can name the 5 boroughs of New York. Lots of you won't care. It's different when family lives on 2 of them.

5. I have NO idea how long it takes to reheat things in the microwave. I tend to do 90 seconds at a time and hope for the best.

6. I rarely remember how old I actually am. Not because I am in denial but because I really don't remember. I am 42. Maybe I should just stay here for a while.

7. Not unrelated, I rarely remember how old other people are. I just don't. I love you. I will happily celebrate with you. But please don't expect me to know your age. I won't and you'll just make me feel bad on your day.

8.I don't remember how to use our thermostat. I drew a visual AND wrote down instructions. I still get it wrong. Often.

9. Spring forward and fall back? I know the rhyme. I don't get why we still do it and I still need to google exactly HOW to do it each year. Give me a break.

10. If you follow me on facebook, you could guess this one. Yep. It's Poison Ivy. That effer is like Mystique and can morph to look like anything. I managed to spot it once this summer. I was already on prednisone. Had a record breaking summer with that ish. Prednisone three times. I for sure don't see it until it's all up in my business. I did learn not to set it on fire. Thanks for that tip, Lucia. Solid friend!!


Give this one a share. Make someone you love feel less dumb, I mean, alone. I am who I am and I don't expect to change too radically in my 40s. And eventually my kids will learn how to interpret the weather themselves.

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