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I like big goals.

And I cannot lie. Both of those things are true. I like big goals. I also cannot lie. Or rather, I don't. I have too much crap to remember on the daily, I can't add trying to remember stuff I made-up. I don't have that type of energy to waste.

Here's the thing. When it all went down. Like D.O.W.N. I wanted to run. Take the kids and go. Start over someplace new. Where I wasn't Vanessa who used to be Vanessa and Wasband. Where I wasn't the divorced mom of three. Where I wasn't who I was and could just be who I am. I realized that that wouldn't work. For about a million reasons. One being, it's running away. I don't run away. Even when I probably should. The second being, it just changes the view. Nothing else.

But when I was looking, I was looking for places with clear skies and room to breathe. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado. I have always wanted to visit Colorado but haven't ever gotten there. I have heard too many people say they went and didn't want to leave. And I did not need any help there.

So the Universe has given me Colorado. Denver to be more specific. Next July to be exact. That is where the next Hoopla is. It's our Stella & Dot conference and it is so much fun. I have to been to a lot of conferences in my time - teacher, college student, department of education analyst. The last time I went to Hoopla? I danced on a table at a bar in Vegas. It did not suck. I also learned a ton! About me, my freindships, my business and the importance of a momma filling her cup = emotionally, professionally, literally (there was a discounted refill cup in Vegas. Just sayin'.) I came back a better mom, wife, business owner and stylist.

I am going to Hoopla next year. I am going to breathe in the sweet, clean air of those Rockies. I am going to work my KASS off to pay for it with business bucks. I am going to walk across that stage. I am hoping to bring the littles with me. To show them, goals can be big and hard and scary. But they, and the work to get there, are always worth it. Even if you fall short. Because the failure is in never trying at all.

So, I'll be seeing Denver next year and I will come home. A better mother, friend, business woman and stylist. Put your oxygen mask on first, momma. And I hear the air there is beautiful.

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