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Things I miss...

There are lots of upsides to this season of my life. Certainly I've been in it long enough to be used to it. To a degree. But there are things that are simply easier with a partner. Emotionally, financially, logistically. Here is a list in no particular order.

1. Somebody else getting up with KB 1, 2 or 3 in the middle of the night.

2. Eating a meal I did not cook. (I venture my kids would also agree.)

3. Texting someone to bring home milk. Saddling up 3 kids and running that errand together is the pits.

4. Showering like it's not an Olympic speed sport.

5. Talking to an adult about my day as I wind down.

6. Heading to Starbucks without guilt.

7. Heading anywhere ALONE when it isn't on a Dada weekend or having to pay someone.

9. The milk. Again.

10. Sharing the grocery shopping. Again, not as fun with 3 kids.

11. Sleeping in. Oh how I miss sleep.

12. Having another adult present when the kid says the darnedest thing.

13. Tubby time. Why does it take 30 hours to wash only 3 kids?

14. Nighttime clean up. It's only ten minutes but sharing is caring.

15. Umm, milk.

16. Hearing something downstairs. Clearly a murderer. What do I do???

17. Sharing drop-off and or pick-up. I am the most fierce protector of naps. Sadly, we are not speaking of mine.

18. Changing diapers. Is 8 too young to teach a brother?

19. Watching a show or movie together. Saying "What the eff just happened?!?!" aloud while looking at no-one is awkward.

20. The milk. Again. Every. Other. Day.


Send milk. And a Starbucks gift card. Know a single mom. Yeah, milk and a coffee gift card! They miss those things, too.

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