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It takes work to look this good.

I know what you're thinking. You see me at pick-up and drop-off with shiny kicks, my hair all curly, outfit put together and neatly accessorized and think - my god, how does she do it? She is raising three kids solo. How does she not look like she is the friggin' conductor of the Hot Mess Express.

Ummm, I am. I am the conductor of the Hot Mess Express. Toot toot! BUT, I also know the value of faking it til you make it. There is actual research about it. In academia it is called "mushfaking". I kid you not. So I don't have it all together. I feel like most days I have absolutely zilch of it together. But I also have a secret weapon.

I have a chest of drawers and closet full of really pretty, fun and sparkly things. Bags that hold diapers but don't scream MOOMMM-UH. Bracelets that represent courage and bravery but aren't made of silicone and are totally still used as teethers. Necklaces that withstand tugs and pulls and tangles and earrings that make me feel like my bun is more mom-bun and less bed-head. It's all about where you draw the eye.

This has basically been my uniform as of late. The shirt and sunnies are new additions arriving to my home this week. The rest are already mine and my classic go-tos. The Olive sunglasses are an early release and holy cow am I in love. They don't have those little nose thingys that get caught in a curly girl's hair and create panic and dread. And the t-shirt comes in a kid's size. Oh. My. Word! But every day it's basically a t-shirt, sunnies and the rest. It's an easy way to look and feel put together. Then I can fake the rest. Sometimes even successfully.

So, no, I have nothing together. Nothing. But the five minutes I spend adorning myself in the morning makes a ton of difference. Fine, three minutes because I rarely take off the earrings and bracelet. Lay-zee. It's worth it, those minutes. To stop and look at pretty things and have them, literally, extend to my body. It's a ritual I really enjoy and makes me feel a little more put together. Still conducting the Hot Mess Express but with a little less careening and a lot more style.


You like? You do. I know. I do, too. If only I was ever actually, Off Duty. Anywayyyyyy. Shop this link and my bank account gets a little plink.

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