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2 out of 3. Thus far.

Hey there, click the link below, put anything in your Amazon cart and check out and the House of KB gets a little bank in our account. It's the little things. Like honesty. See what I did there?


Every night we do a ten minute clean-up. Nothing more and nothing less than a quick once-over of the house. Some days it looks like nothing was accomplished in those ten minutes. Other days it helps us all breathe a little easier. By necessity, and for my sanity, the boys are doing more. They are also older. So perhaps it is correlation as much as causation. (Nerd alert) Regardless, I am expecting more from them. Chores. Those that are required and those that get a small allowance for their piggy banks. FYI, their piggy banks? LOVE them. Super cool and a great way to teach kids about money. All three have their own. Bills are tough to get in there. Heads up. 

Anyway, one of their chores is the ten minute clean up. To accomplish this, we use this fabulous timer that a friend had at her house. Probably for cooking. Whatever. It's quick and easy and doesn't scare everyone half to death when it goes off. Side bar - it took Parley less than 30 seconds to figure out how it works. Super. 

As the boys were tidying their room yesterday, I was flitting around straightening the upstairs bathroom and hallway. I had found some socks and tossed them into the room toward B.

V: B, when you are done with that pile, put these socks in your drawer. (Walked back into my room.)

B: I don't think so.

V: (From my room.) Excuse me?!?!

B: I love you.

V: (Dammit, he is good!)

So, I currently have two out of three kids that are funny AND clever. I can tell Parley is more of the same. She can't talk so it's not yet 3 against 1. Soon. It's coming soon. Let's all be prepared for that post. I will bring the wine. 

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