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Funny kid.

I was washing dishes and all of a sudden heard footsteps heading up the stairs and the unmistakable silence of no Parley.

V: Boys, what are you doing?

T: Parley is tired so we're putting her to bed.

V: Okayyyy, then. (Head upstairs to help.)

Let me show you how to put her to bed.

T: Momma, you know I can't nurse her, right?

V: ::raucous laughter:: Yes, I do know. Funny kid.

Honestly, he is really, really funny. Clever. Quick. And his delivery? Spot on. He went on to explain to me why he couldn't nurse, you know, because he's a boy. Got it. Thanks, kid.

And should be noted, they were right. They know her tells. P Girl was tired.


This post brought to you buy a sense of humor of a precocious 8 year old. You can share it and make his day. :)

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