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Snow effing way.

This was me this past two days. Except you can't see the frozen tears. I love my kids. Love them. They are my greatest joy. I would die for them. Yada yada yada. I also tend to be able to actively love them more when I get a little break. I mean, don't you love cookies a little bit more when you cheat on your diet? Oh, how I have missed you thin mints, and samoas, and tagalongs, it has been so long and this reunion is so sweet!

You see, my kids and I can spend all day in pajamas, doing activities, watching a family movie and doing crafts. Happily. When it's by choice. But when the weather people convince the superintendent that we are going to get a foot of snow in seven minutes starting precisely at 6:42am, the superintendent cancels. Cancels. School. And you are stuck. You can't go anywhere because when 6:42am rolls around and there are clear skies and green grass, you don't dare venture out because what if the avalanche happens at 7:17am or 8:37am or 10:20am? You can't be stuck out. So you stay home to prepare. And your kids are bouncing off the wall with excitement because SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY! Except there is no effing snow. And you become the keeper of the cellblock keys and the breaker of promises. Your kids don't give a darn about the superintendent or meteorologists. The mom said SNOW DAY. Where is the effing snow?? You and me both kids, you and me both.

The snow came. It did. And it was as bad as was predicted. Almost a foot of the heavy white stuff. Trees and bushes, and my will, bowed down to Mother Nature and the blanket of quiet and beauty and imprisonment. So today? Today we went out and played. We freed the branches from their heavy coats. We tossed the kids into fresh piles of snow. We laughed and threw snowballs and made forts. It was joy. Really. It was. I had almost forgotten about yesterday. Until I saw the most innocent of flakes fall from the sky and almost curled up into the fetal position and started to cry.

It stopped. Thank you, Mother Nature. And tonight, I will sleep ALONE in my own bed and not have to worry about trees being uprooted and taking out the kids' bedrooms. And so I live to fight another day.


Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. Think that what I am saying is worth sharing? Please do. It'll help a girl out!

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