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I write now...

Like for a job. I have written for a long time. Forever actually. But this blog was my safe space. The way I moved through the stages of hurt and healing. It made money, yes. Some. Still does. But now I write for a magazine. That's right, your girl is a bona fide freelancer. I am good at it. I love it. It makes me happy and has reignited my desire to start writing here again weekly. In face, there are four weeks of Wednesday posts in the queue. But for now? May I suggest hopping over to my author page at thecandidly. There's some good stuff*. Then just poke around the rest of the site. I am proud of this work. I am excited to be a member of this group of talented women and strong points of view. I am honored to be a part of a community that has been handling challenging experiences and conversations with grace, kindness and a little snark. It's been an incredible ride thus far.

*But, um, if you watched me grow up or are a relative, you may want to skip the articles that reference my lady parts. I think that would be great for both of us.

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Oct 08, 2020

I, for one, giggle and/or shed a tear with each of your Candidly articles. Always worth full concentration to get the fullest enjoyment!!

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