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What I Know for Sure.

It's not a long list. Don't get comfortable.

1. You get back from the world what you put into it. Be intentional.

I witnessed three days of a #loveboomerang (I call intellectual property on that) at a wedding this past weekend. The dividends of their kindness and love were rolling in and it was a good reminder/lesson.

2. Give compliments freely. They always brighten someone's day. Because...kindness. It's always good.

3. Ask for help. People want to but don't know how to or what you need. Tell them. It's good for both of you.

4. No is a complete sentence. Add "thank you" if it feels too brief. But you don't need an explanation or caveat. No. Done.

5. Yes is also a complete sentence. Add "let's do it" for emphasis or motivation. But you don't need to justify or rationalize it. Yes. Let's go.

6. Nothing lasts forever. The good or the bad. So soak up one and breathe through the other.

7. Homework sucks. Elementary school. High school. College. Grad school. It universally sucks. It just sucks. (Shout out to peeps holding down the homework fort solo.)

8. Ice cream is always a good idea. (My kids taught me that one.)

9. If you don't know the answer, say that. Then find it out or figure it out together. Don't make it up. That always bites you in the arse. (Figured that one out as a teacher. Thankfully I learned the lesson before the bite.)

10. Tomorrow is a new day. A new chance. There are times when I royally screwed the pooch on a day. But the tomorrow is bright and shiny and new. And on those days where I collapse face first into my pillow and I am thankful we survived, I know tomorrow is a new chance to get it...better. Not right. Just better. That. Effing. Rocks.

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