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Pack it up. Pack it in.

This past weekend we went to a wedding. Three of us were in the wedding. The two boys were the ring bearers and I was a bridesmaid. Parley had no official role but has just entered Stranger Danger and there was a moment where I thought she would end up being my bouquet. She was during the rehearsal so the worry was real. It didn't end up happening but being am who I am, I did bring a dress that complimented mine. If she was going to sneak into wedding pictures she was at least going to look like she belonged.

Packing for a wedding when you are part of the bridal party is the most stressful kind of packing. Sorta. One on hand you want to bring everything that might be needed. For anyone. On the other hand, you really only need the outfit that you have to wear. Anything else can be procured. Two sides of the spectrum. I suppose there is a middle of the road wedding packing status. I haven't found it and with, potentially, all four of us in the wedding? I was firmly planted in the bring-ALL-the-things camp. This included Parley's favorite toys and snacks. I was trying to set the sitters up for success. This resulted in two bags just for Parley - a diaper bag and her toy bag. Then there was a wedding bag and an everything-else bag.

This is what my trunk looked like. Palm fronds for the wedding, ironic as they were ever-present in the Bridal Suite as the bride's favorite pattern. Down to, literally, her shoes. Navy medallion for all the clothes the four of us could need for non-wedding stuff. Arrow bag for the sitters which included all of Parley's stuff. The Avalon satchel which has been my go-to bag for the past few months. As I was packing to go, my friend asked - is that Stella, too? Yep. They all are. Which is hilarious because it was not meant as an advertisement but really are the bags I use daily and/or when I travel. Notice they are all expanded, too. I don't love doing that on departure. I prefer to save that for when I can't fit the exact same amount of stuff in the same bag on the way home. But I was NOT going to grab a fourth bag. No. That would have sent me right over the edge.

There is no easier way to vouch for an item than to use it all the time, not gently, and still be thrilled. For me? They're that good. Cheap? Nope. Worth it? Oh, heck yes. And they have matc

hing or coordinating pouches for organizing. Organizing jewelry, toiletries makeup, what have you. And you lot know how that makes my heart sing! Plus, the tote? Right now? It's 50% off when you spend $50. Oh, yeahhhhh! So worth it. In case you are in the market. Or weren't until this fab news. You're welcome.


This is how we do it in the House of KB. We travel fully packed and in as much style as possible. If you up your style game with that link, our bank gets a little clink and we do a happy dance. Wear it well.

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