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Peanut butter, pine cones and birdseed. What can go wrong?

This was another Pinterest idea. Remember the painting of the closet door? If you don't follow me on facebook, you should. I can be funny. Anyway, the closet went ok. Stripes are on and it makes the boys super happy. I am all about allowing for individualization. Especially when a cheap coat of white paint can fix it. That activity took place outside. Clearly.

So you might ask why I thought bringing a huge tub of birdseed into the house was a good idea. Mayhap I was flying high from the success of the door. Spoiler alert - the birdseed did not get everywhere. Truth - this project is far more difficult than Pinterest let on. Mom hack/life saver - legos, beads, magic sand and projects all take place in a cookie sheet. Helps contain the mess!

Once we added the pipe cleaners, peanut butter and bird seed to one pine cone each, my kids were done. They peanut butter wasn't so easy to spread. Maybe because our pine cones were old and they kept breaking. The rolling in the seed was fine though. Especially for me as a tactile person. Very relaxing! But really in 20 minutes we had four cute additions to our bird feeder. It took the birds a minute to figure it out but they happily perched and ate. In a few days the pine cones were picked clean.

It was quick and free. It was pretty easy, too. Aside from me having to do most of the work. Will I do it again? Depends on how desperate we get. Check back in on Snow Day #Infinity and see. Chances are I'll be sending the boys out in the snow to feed the birds. I mean, birds need a little extra help in the winter. Momma, too.


I would not consider this a Pinterest fail. I would consider this a not worth it success. But, still, desperate times calls for activities for which you already have all the materials.

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