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Why do I do this?

I watch these documentaries and get sucked in. And I mean, suuuuuuuucked in. I watched Blackfish and can now never go to Sea World. Those commercials about animal cruelty where Sarah McLachlan sings? It is not good. I watched Food, Inc. ten years ago and have not eaten veal since then. So why I thought it was a good idea to watch more documentaries about the food industry, I will never know. But here we are.

I have been noticing as of late that my kids are not great eaters. They were. I distinctly remember Tristan dipping his goldfish into hummus and eating them. Bogen would chow a sweet pepper salad without issue. Then things got busy and we became a short-order restaurant and each kid got their preferred meal. With my limited cooking ability, we got stuck in a rut of ease and fast and...yellow. So much yellow food.

The kids didn't remain satiated. There was a need for snacks. ALL THE TIME. And second dinner. And dessert. So I wanted to educate myself and make some small and healthy changes. Particularly in the morning. Someone once told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Pop tarts, while delicious, were not cutting it. Seeing as how Parley is trying new foods pretty regularly right now, I figured now was as good as time as any to have us all try new things.

You lot know I love to research. It is my jam. I queried a friend who told me where she started. With documentaries, books, meals and simply not replenishing the crap once it was eaten. So I did as suggested. I watched Forks over Knives. Compelling. Very. Especially the murky parts of private money influencing public policy. And the many, many falsehoods that I totally believed. I am just two documentaries and one book in but, ummm, it is only because I am so cheap that I have not thrown everything in my house out.

This morning we had chocolate chip banana oat cookies for breakfast. They tasted way better than they looked. The kids gobbled them up and didn't ask for a snack 90 minutes later. I will take that win. And I hope as we move away from sugared and bleached and processed foods, I can flavor these new foods with less sweeteners. It will take time. But looking good so far. My entire kitchen and pantry has not been thrown out and I am eeeeeeeasing in. Not really how I tend to operate but I don't need a rebellion on my hands.

If you want to think, wonder and maybe go a little bit what-the-eff, watch Forks over Knives. It is worth a watch. The stories aren't just anecdotal. There is science, too. You CAN click on that link and buy it and anything else in your cart. Happy dance for us. OR you can watch it on Netflix. It is free there. The more you know.


Click the link and buy your cart? We do a happy dance here at the House of KB.

Share this and know that you will help your peeps be a little more informed. Or at least give them something to chew on. See what I did there?

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