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In her own time.

Over the past couple of weeks, Parley has decided that she would like to walk. Not on her own yet, mind you. But holding hands and going everywhere. Everywhere!!! With her little high step and utter joy on her face. While my back is fried it would be so much worse if she didn't have Tristan wrapped around her finger. Or, more appropriately, her fingers wrapped around his as he walks her to and fro.

To stay true to herself and her own way of doing things, thankyouverymuch, she has also decided to start to crawl this week. She has been mobile for some time. She's a scooter like her bothers were. Genetics, man. But now she has decided to add multiple modes of mobility to her repertoire. All at once. Kinda like when she got two teeth and then got the other ten all at once. I hope this is not par for the course. I am excited. Totally. But then I also know the reality of, oh man, I am soon going to be chasing her all over tarnation.

And then, too, my last baby is no longer a baby. She will be a true toddler. So I will just be in the corner over here crying. Don't worry about me. I'll get over it. I'm fine. I am totally fine.

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