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Lesson learned.

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Got in the car today after being at the children's museum, a mexican restaurant and Starbucks. (No, this is not the start of a joke.) Looked in the mirror and saw a nice dollop of lipstick on my teeth and just enough lip liner left to look like a vampiress. (No offense to my lady vamps!)

I say aloud, "Gah. I have lipstick on my teeth." and Tristan says from the backseat, "Yep. You had it at the restaurant.". Ummmm, why didn't he tell me!?!?!? Well, he didn't know. But now he does. So, you're welcome, people in Tristan's future who will never walk around with something in or on your teeth. And as I said to Tristan, he got a pass because the adults who know better didn't say anything. And to those people? Shame on you. (See also: super embarrassed. Why do I bother? This is why I use chapstick.)

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