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Survival of the Fattest.

I say that I survived the last year through grit and one shallow breath at a time. But the truth is, I survived on this - Biscoff Cookie Butter*. I think I ate only cookie butter for months. It was my best friend, my confidant, my co-conspirator and my judgment-free companion. That and a spoon. It's a miracle I am not rolling down the street nekked having outgrown all my clothes. For months, if I had a feeling, I ate it. Along with a nice dollop of cookie butter. (Figures that every time I saw the ex he looked more gaunt. Is there NO justice??)

I finished the last bite of my last jar right when I started to breathe again. It seemed perfect. And while my current state of physicality would make me a shit athlete but an excellent survivor on Survivor, I am back to normal foods. Going on Survivor is not a reasonable weight loss plan.

But I will always look back on my months with the Biscoff jars fondly. And I will never, never, never look at the nutrition facts.

*This also became my go-to housewarming gift. A jar wrapped up in a dish towel. Perfect! And you're welcome.


Click this affiliate link, I mean jar of happiness and joy, and know that this single momma will be adding happiness and joy into the House of KB's food budget. Yum yum!

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